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About Lotte, founder of DTNG.

What is DTNG.?
DTNG. is not a dating site. It is a high-quality and personalized matchmaking service. In a personal interview, we will get to know you first before we start our passionate search to find someone who shares your values, interests and lifestyle.

What made you decide to start DTNG.?
When I was still single, I discovered the dating market and apps like Tinder and Happn. ‘Great!’ I thought, at first. But soon I noticed that it was very time consuming and that the quality of the dates was often disappointing. People around me had similar stories, which surprised me considering the fact that Amsterdam is full of fun, successful, ambitious and highly educated singles! Convinced that there should be a more personalized approach to matchmaking, I started DTNG.

I don’t need a professional matchmaker. Why should I register?
Why wouldn’t you? In the worst case scenario, you have a fun night out. But there is also the chance that you go on a second date with your match. Personal matchmaking in London and New York is already the most normal thing in the world. In Amsterdam we have busy lives as well, so why leave finding love to chance? Matchmaking saves time, you meet nice people and it increases your chances of successfully finding someone special.

And why should I choose DTNG.?
From my professional experience as a psychologist, headhunter, single person and matchmaker at DTNG., I have both the passion and the experience necessary to connect people. I know how to get to know people well and I can quickly understand them so that the right connection between different personalities can be found. My large network is also very helpful when looking for the appropriate match.

Can you tell us more about yourself?
I am ambitious, goal oriented and genuinely interested in others. Along with my passion for connecting people, these qualities will help me find the right partner for you. I am full of energy and I go the extra mile to make something a success!