Are you a highly educated man or woman and between 40-60 years old? Do you have a busy job and a rich social life, but also too little time to look for the right partner? Where do you find someone that fits into your current life? We’d like to take that quest off your hands. DTNG. offers customised matchmaking for highly qualified singles, with personal, discreet mediation and matching based on similarities in standards, values, intelligence, interests, and lifestyle.

How it works

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We like to take the time to get to know you better. Our first contact is a telephone conversation, followed by a personal consultation. This can take place at our office in Laren or at your home. This way we get a good impression of each other and it helps us to determine what your desires and expectations are and what you are looking for in a partner.

Following the personal consultation, we draw up a profile. Because we want to be really careful in the composition and the wording, we explain this profile to you so that you fully support our story. Then the search can begin!

DTNG. uses all channels in order to find the right partner for you. We select profiles from our database and in addition the matchmakers perform a focused search for suitable profiles outside the database. Next, we do a careful selection of interested parties and conduct face-to-face selection interviews with potential partners.

If there is a mutual click, we’ll plan the date for you! From experience, we know that the first date usually takes place within six weeks. After the date we want to hear from you and your date about the encounter. If both of you are excited, we’ll schedule a second appointment. If you still have too many doubts, we’ll immediately start looking for a new match for you.

During your membership we do an intensive search for you to find the best match. During the process we are fully transparent and fair and we expect the same of you. To keep you informed we will contact you every two weeks.

The phone call and the first personal meeting (at your home) are free and without obligation. If we are both enthusiastic about a partnership, we will start working together and you can choose one of our memberships. During the membership you will be personally guided and coached by your Matchmaker.

Get to know us

The perfect match begins with an initial consultation. Leave your details and we will contact you by phone within 48 hours. This way we'll get a picture of who you are, what you stand for, and what you are looking for in a relationship.

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