Are you 60+ and would you like to find a new partner? Are you looking for a buddy, a companion, or the new love of your life? We believe that finding a new love is not limited to a certain age. But it can be a greater challenge to find a partner that suits you. We can help you with that. DTNG. offers individual matchmaking based on your personal wishes and preferences.

How does DTNG. work?

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We take plenty of time to get to know you better. Our first contact is a telephone conversation, during which we collect general information and together determine whether we can schedule a first personal consultation. This can take place at our office in Laren, or even better, at your home. This way we can get a good impression of each other, and it allows us to check what your needs and expectations are and what you are looking for in a partner.

After the personal consultation we draw up a profile. We are extremely careful in the composition and the formulation of your profile. To make sure that you fully support the sketched profile, we will send it to you in advance.

The next step is to find the best match! We have an extensive client base and a large network. With suitable matches we conduct individual face-to-face interviews. Then we are happy to present the selected matches to you. We make sure that you receive the profile sketches and we explain our choice over the phone.

If both of you are excited, we’ll plan the first date for you. After the date, we evaluate with you and also with your date how the meeting has gone and how you experienced it. If it was a success, then we’ll schedule a new date. If there were still too many doubts, then we’ll get back to work for you. Your experiences help us to become even more targeted when searching for your ideal match.

Searching for suitable 60+ candidates is an intensive process in which we proceed very carefully. This means we take our time to come up with a good candidate because we want to provide customization and guide you in the process. A key feature of this process is that we listen to you, give you honest feedback and guide you. Every two weeks we keep you informed of the progress of our process.

The phone call and the first personal meeting (at your home) are free and without obligation. If we are both enthusiastic about a partnership, we will start working together and you can choose one of our memberships. During the membership you will be personally guided and coached by your Matchmaker.

Get to know us!

The perfect match begins with an initial consultation. Leave your details and we will contact you by phone within 24 hours. This way we'll get a good picture of who you are, what you stand for and what you are looking for in a relationship.

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