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DTNG. Exclusive

DTNG. Exclusive is nationally oriented and targeting on highly educated males and females in their early forties till early sixties. Think of doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs or people who are socially engaged. They are people with a strong character, a busy occupation and a rich social life. Leaving little time for finding the right partner.

Our method and philosophy

We believe life is not complete without love. We also know that true love can be hard to find, certainly as you grow older. Nevertheless, the one is walking around somewhere for everyone. Partly thanks to our large network and our team of enthusiastic matchmakers, we succeed in making the right match time after time.

Our method is personal and discrete. We match on the basis of resemblances in norms, values, intelligence, interests, and lifestyle. We make the match and then the choice is up to you. Who do you really want to get to know? We work towards success together. It is a lovely quest that we gladly take on together.

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