Saron van de Laar

Matchmaker & Dating Coach

Distinguished by: passion for love, genuine interest in people and decisiveness

Focus on label: 30-40, 40-60

As a Dating Coach & Matchmaker, I have always been enormously fascinated by people and behavior, particularly in relation to relationships (love, friendship and family). After graduating in Applied Psychology, I immersed myself in behavioral sciences and followed a course to become a Dating Coach. As a Matchmaker and Dating Coach, I discovered that my talent and passion are in perfect balance with what singles need nowadays. A world in which we are drastically looking for a life partner, but actually much more for ourselves. I am creative, committed, energetic, warm, analytical, sensitive, enthusiastic and persistent. And I have found that these are required qualities, as singles logically need clear communication and a ‘can do’ mentality.

My passion for love, genuine interest in people and decisiveness make me an enthusiastic and skilled Matchmaker. In addition, as an experienced Dating Coach, I am a pro at thinking in solutions and switching quickly. I am loyal, a good listener, committed, positive and honest. In a world where ‘perfection and idealism’ play a major role, it is my mission to bring love and optimism.

In recent years I have developed myself with love, perseverance and energy into a professional and experienced Matchmaker. As a full-time Relationship Expert for DTNG. and Infinity Relations I am always very involved with my clients, I am on the ball and I am always easy to reach. From my experience with singles in various age categories and nationalities, I think it is important to build an honest relationship and to meet their life experience and future perspective. I lovingly mediate and coach a lot of singles throughout the Netherlands in their search for love.