Saron van de Laar

Matchmaker & coach

Distinguished by: passion for love, genuine interest in people and decisiveness

Focus on label: 30-40, 40-60

As a dating coach & relationship expert I have always been enormously fascinated by people and behavior, especially in relationship form (love, friendship and family). After my studies in applied psychology, I studied this subject a lot. After some wanderings in my still young career, I came into contact with a renowned offline relationship agency in the role of stylist, which ‘matches’ its clients based on an offline profile. Initially, I was drawn to provide styling for clients prior to a date. But pretty soon it became clear that this was also where my talent and passion for relationships came in perfectly and I started as a matchmaker. 

My passion for love, genuine interest in people and decisiveness make me an enthusiastic and skilled matchmaker. In addition, as an experienced dating coach I am a pro at thinking in terms of solutions and switching quickly. I am loyal, a good listener, committed, positive and honest. In a world where ‘perfection and idealism’ play a big role, my mission is to bring love and optimism. 

Over the past few years, always working effectively with DTNG, I have developed into an experienced matchmaker and relationship expert with love, persistence and energy. When DTNG. was looking for someone to expand towards Den Bosch, it was therefore a logical step that I would take on the singles in this region. As a woman from the south I speak the language and have the network to find a good match for the singles from the south! From my experience with singles in various age categories and nationalities, I find it important to build an honest relationship and to meet their life experience and future perspective, which is why, besides DTNG. Den Bosch, I now lovingly mediate and coach a lot of singles throughout the Netherlands in their search for love.