Eline Prent


Defined by: critical eye, large network and empathy

Focus on label: 30-40 and 40-60

Because of my background in Communication & Marketing within large companies, I was always busy matching colleagues and connecting people with each other between my various activities. Listening carefully is the key to heart communication and I am convinced that the real success lies in what you radiate. It was therefore a small step towards Matchmaker and friends often say ‘You have such a great and interesting job’! Well, they are absolutely right, because what could be better to be dealing with love every day. I am involved from beginning to end and through my persuasion, empathy and honesty I try to help you find the love of your life.

Besides being a matchmaker, I am also the mother of two beautiful daughters, both of whom are in primary school. At our house we have a Bed & Breakfast where we happily welcome guests from all over the world.

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