Marinus Ditzel


Stands out through: life experience and people skills

Focus on label: 40-60, 60+

As CEO I was accustomed to making decisions that are good for the company and for the people within the company. That’s your responsibility, that should be your passion.

Those more than 15 years of experience as a CEO also taught me how incredibly important it is to get the best out of people. Being successful in business is also about people: you have to be able to ‘read’ your interlocutor, hear what is being said, but also be alert to what is not pronounced!

I use this knowledge and experience in my work as a matchmaker. By watching and listening carefully and asking the right questions, I can separate the essential from the superfluous.

I like working for and with people who, like me, have a bit more life experience. People who are looking for authenticity and like to take a new step. For me, those are the conditions and the chances of connecting two people who are on the same wavelength. That’s where I like to help!

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