Lotte Ditzel

Founder and Matchmaker

Defined by: empathy, decisiveness and a strong vision

Focus on label: 30-40, 40-60

I am Lotte, proud founder and owner of matchmaking agency DTNG. My company was born from the passion I have for love. I think everyone deserves a meaningful love affair. In my student days I was already working on connecting people. After completing my psychology studies at the UvA, I worked as a headhunter in Amsterdam for a number of years. I enjoyed working with people but missed making real connections. It was exactly at a time when all Dating apps appeared on the market, where I saw the superficiality increase and the purity of encounters disappear.

My experience as a psychologist and headhunter, and my passion for love, laid the foundation: growing DTNG. into a successful agency is not only my job but especially my mission in this life. I want to offer good and honest matchmaking services and really make a difference. I notice that we can contribute a lot to the happiness of our customers. Besides being the owner of DTNG. I am also girlfriend for my great love, Bas and the proud mother of our sons Olivier and Julius. I realize that love not always comes naturally and that sometimes it is hard work within the family. But it is a great gift and I cherish the love that I have around me. Love is all-encompassing to me!

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