DTNG. | Persoonlijke matchmaking | Lotte Ditzel

Lotte Ditzel

Founder and Matchmaker

Stands out through: empathy, decisiveness and a strong vision

Focus on label: 30-40, 40-60

I started DTNG. because when I was single the existing dating possibilities didn’t meet my requirements. I was fed up with online dating apps and looking for a reliable organization to provide critical consideration on who I was and what I was looking for. In that I wasn’t alone. Many people around me struggled with the same problem: how do I find a partner that suits me, who can help me with this, and who can I trust with it? With my background as a psychologist and headhunter, it was a logical step for me to start DTNG. My mission? I want to offer a good and honourable service in the field of matchmaking and set a higher quality standard within this market.

Besides being the owner I’m also a matchmaker. Our process begins with self-knowledge and that’s where I can support you. I assess who you are, what you hope to find, and what you have to offer. Together we determine what’s essential and this will help you on your way to a healthy relationship. The basis for this is the realization that happiness resides inside you, and when you open up you’ll use your personality to live a full life. The match you then make with a new partner will add to your life rather than shape it.

I pose nice questions, critical questions, and above questions intended to make you think. This process gives you insight into yourself, it changes the way you face life, and it increases the chances of a successful match! I share your enthusiasm and I’m as happy as you are when I’ve been able to make the perfect match. Love to me is comprehensive!