Jurgen Popma

Dating coach

Focus op label: 30-40 en 40-60

Distinguished by: passion for love, driven, honesty 

Love Motto: Love starts with yourself, invest in yourself and you will find your true love.

Guilty Pleasure: Meeting new people during a night out, personal development, eating a club sandwich with a glass of cold fresh juice after squash. Watching The Voice Kids together on the couch with my girlfriend and the occasional tearful look at emotionally proud parents. Working out with my parents every Sunday. Being alone with a glass of whisky and a book.

I wish you (in love): A partner who understands what kind of love you need. A conversation with a professional dating coach to better understand who you are and what you need to feel complete.

What else: Together with my girlfriend I live in Amsterdam. In possession of a certified dating coach diploma, I help men and women further in love at DTNG. I also get a lot of satisfaction from ball games and other games where you have to think strategically.