Carolien Oor


Focus on label: 40-60

Distinctive by: Empathy, Engaged, Sensitive, Targeted

Meaning something to people, helping people a step further, making people even happier is in my DNA. With my years of work experience as a career coach at various companies, I have been able to do many great outplacement and career paths in recent years. Putting people back in their strength, giving them confidence and offering them new perspectives, I have done this with a great deal of passion. Always from the core of the person, understanding what drives someone, what makes them happy. With a lot of enthusiasm, a healthy dose of humour and drive I go for the best result.

The switch to Matchmaker is for me the superlative to be able to help people find a new love affair!
With all my knowledge and experience from coaching, my nurturing and connecting side to really help someone I would like to discover who you are, what you are looking for in a new partner and know what makes your heart beat faster. During this search for your potential love, I will provide you with advice and personal coaching without obligation, should you need it. My approach is personal and I always feel very involved, but I am also driven to look for the perfect love match!

Who else am I? I live in the cosy and beautiful city of Haarlem, together with my husband and two daughters of 17 and 19 years old.