Annemarie Bouwman


Focus on label: 40-60, 60+

Defined by: attentive, positive, creative, productive with an eye for detail

Let me introduce myself. I am Annemarie Bouwman, married and a mother of two. 

In my 15 years of working experience with human-interest programs such as Man bijt Hond and the Reunion, I have learned to fathom and understand people from all walks of life by listening to their life stories. I find that the most fascinating thing there is: listening and especially sensing where the core is of what intrigues someone, what touches them and has shaped them. 

Now I hear you thinking: what can she offer me as a matchmaker? Interviewing was part of the job, but it also really fits who I am. I am curious by nature, I have a genuine interest in the other person and know how to ask questions without making someone feel like they are being interrogated. I want people to feel at ease and that it is not an inquisition but a familiar informal conversation. 

With my gained experience, open and honest personality I want to eventually search for love together with you. I myself, during the time I was single, also speed-dated and registered with a matchmaking agency. And eventually I even found my husband through this route. So I know how scary it can be to allow yourself to be vulnerable, learn to deal with a possible mismatch but still hold on to the faith in love. 

In my opinion, a good match cannot be determined by an online personality test or a sum of equal or opposite traits. That is why I love it at DTNG. that I get to know each client personally and can introduce people to each other on the basis of personal conversations.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than to create a nice click between people and to hear that this nice click eventually develops into a beautiful relationship.

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